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Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

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  • Brunswick Cabbage
    $2.00 Brunswick Cabbage
    70 day.  A German heirloom, green, drumhead cabbage.  It makes a good coleslaw as well as sauteed and is also an excellent choice for winter storage as well as for making sauerkraut.   Minimum of 200 seeds...
  • Charleston Wakefield Cabbage
    $2.00 Charleston Wakefield Cabbage
    74 day.  Developed in 1892, this conical headed cabbage has 4-6 pound heads. More heat tolerant than most, this is an excellent variety for Southern gardeners.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Copenhagen Market Cabbage
    $2.25 Copenhagen Market Cabbage
    60-70 day.   With it's mid-sized, 2-3 lb cabbages, it is a good choice for both fresh eating and sauerkraut.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.   Thanks to Jeff and Janelle K. of Rome, Maine for the...
  • Cuor di Bue Grosso Cabbage *
    $2.00 Cuor di Bue Grosso Cabbage *
    65-75 day.  An Italian heirloom, it produces small to medium sized, conical heads.  This is the sweetest raw cabbage I've tasted.  It makes excellent coleslaw and sauteed cabbage.  A great short season...
  • d'Aubervillers Cabbage
    $2.50 d'Aubervillers Cabbage
    75 days. This French heirloom savoy cabbage produces large, green, closed heads with delicious crinkly leaves. Minimum of 200 seeds per packet. 
  • di Verona Cabbage
    $2.50 di Verona Cabbage
    70 days. A popular Italian savoy cabbage, it is beautiful with its blue-green leaves and a pink blush. Minimum of 200 seeds per packet. 
  • Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
    $2.00 Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
    75 day.  Although it's usually thought of as an early cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield is also a great choice for a fast late fresh eating cabbage.  It produces conical heads that are compact, so it's a great choice...
  • Golden Acres Cabbage
    $2.00 Golden Acres Cabbage
    65 day.  A great choice for small gardens, Golden Acre is a small cabbage with tight, tender heads that are 5-7 inches in diameter.  It is known for it's early production and uniform heads.  A great choice for...