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  • Annie's Rainbow Carrots Mix - Bulk
    $4.50 Annie's Rainbow Carrots Mix - Bulk
    Grow a mixture of colors and flavors in this rainbow carrot mix.  Lunar White for mild sweetness, Scarlet Nantes for that traditional orange carrot, Jaune du Daubs for the richness and yellow beauty, and Dragon for it's...
  • Danver's Half Long Carrot - Bulk
    $4.00 Danver's Half Long Carrot - Bulk
    70 day.  A nice crisp orange carrot with a strong carrot flavor.  It maintains a lot of it's flavor even when cooked.  It grows 5-6 inches long with a pointed tip and is a good choice for denser soils...
  • Little Finger Carrot - Bulk *
    $4.00 Little Finger Carrot - Bulk *
    60 day.  This is a great carrot.  It can be harvested young for baby carrots, or left to grow out for larger carrots.  At full size, it has 1 inch wide and 5-6 inch long, blunt tip carrots.  They are...
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Bulk
    $3.75 Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Bulk
    68 day.  One of the most famous carrots, Scarlet Nantes dates back to the 1850's and was developed by the Vilmorin in France.  It is sweet and orange throughout.  It grows 6 inches long with a cylindrical...
  • Tendersweet Carrot - Bulk
    $4.00 Tendersweet Carrot - Bulk
    75 day.  A very sweet orange carrot.  It grows 7 inches long with a fine grained texture and orange throughout, with a semi-blunt end.   Minimum of 1500 seeds per packet.