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Only Heirloom Varieties - No Hybrids - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Brunswick Cabbage - Bulk
    $5.00 Brunswick Cabbage - Bulk
    70 day.  A German heirloom, green, drumhead cabbage.  It makes a good coleslaw as well as sauteed and is also an excellent choice for winter storage as well as for making sauerkraut.   Minimum of 1000 seeds...
  • Copenhagen Market Cabbage - Bulk
    $5.00 Copenhagen Market Cabbage - Bulk
    60-70 day.   Mid-sized, 2-3 lb cabbages.  It's a good choice for both fresh eating and sauerkraut.   Minimum of 1000 seeds.   Thanks to Jeff and Janelle K. of Rome, Maine for the picture! ...
  • Late Flat Dutch Cabbage - Bulk
    $5.00 Late Flat Dutch Cabbage - Bulk
    110 day.   This German heirloom produces a very large head.  It keeps very well and does best in cool weather.   Minimum of 1000 seeds...
  • Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage - Bulk
    $5.50 Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage - Bulk
    UNAVAILABLE FOR 2014.   100 day.  For those who love red cabbage, this is a great choice.  It produces large, round heads that are flavorful and sweet.  Wonderful as a fresh eating cabbage, it also...