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  • Blue Lake Bush Bean - Bulk
    $8.50 Blue Lake Bush Bean - Bulk
    53-58 day.   Nice yields of long, straight, green pods.  One of the old standards, and for a good reason.  Nice flavor, and great yields, making it still used as one of the main commercial varieties...
  • Contender Bush Bean - Bulk *
    $8.50 Contender Bush Bean - Bulk *
    50 day.  Huge yields of tender, flavorful green pods.  This is my favorite bean for both canning and fresh eating.  Throughout the years I have grown many beans, but I keep coming back to this wonderful old...
  • Golden Wax Bean - Bulk
    $8.50 Golden Wax Bean - Bulk
    52 days. One of my favorite beans, it has a beautiful pale yellow color and a tender, crisp texture. Firm and delicious, it rivals Contender for flavor, making it a great addition to your garden.   Minimum of 500...
  • Great Northern Bush Bean - Bulk
    $8.00 Great Northern Bush Bean - Bulk
    90 days.  A bush white shelling bean, Great Northern is popular in American cooking.  It is slightly smaller than the cannellini bean with a slight grainy texture and a nutty flavor.   Minimum of 500...
  • Henderson's Butter Bean - Bulk
    $8.50 Henderson's Butter Bean - Bulk
    60-75 day.  A bush baby lima bean.  The first Henderson's plants were found along the side of the road in Lynchburg, VA in 1883.  It is early hardy, prolific, and drought tolerant.  And it tastes great...
  • Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean - Bulk
    $8.00 Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean - Bulk
    58-68 day.   The old standard for pole snap beans.  When picked young, it is almost stringless and very tender.  Pole beans are known for having the old fashioned bean flavor that is lost in some of the...
  • Pinto Bush Bean - Bulk
    $8.00 Pinto Bush Bean - Bulk
    90 days.   A wonderful bush shelling bean.  Traditionally used for refried beans, they cook up smooth and creamy with a great flavor.  They are semi-vining.   Minimum of 500 seeds...
  • Top Crop Bush Bean - Bulk
    $8.00 Top Crop Bush Bean - Bulk
    50 day.  Smooth, straight, thin green pods that form high on the plant.  Top Crop bush bean is a good choice for fresh eating, freezing or canning.   Minimum of 500 seeds.