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Bulk Seeds

Attention CSA Owners and Market Gardeners!

Give your customers the flavor and quality they demand with heirloom vegetables!  We have both old-standbys for everyday use, and exotic varieties to keep things interesting.  We do have many more varieties available in smaller quantities, so please check the rest of the site if you do not find what you are looking for in the bulk section.

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check each product description.

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  • Spaghetti Squash - Bulk
    $10.00 Spaghetti Squash - Bulk
    100 day.  With a yellow rind and a pale yellow flesh, spaghetti squash has flesh that falls apart into shreds when it's cooked.  Commonly used as a pasta replacement, I love it served with brown sugar and butter...
  • Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn - Bulk *
    $8.50 Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn - Bulk *
    80-100 day.  My favorite of the heirloom sweet corns.  It is white, with big, tender kernels.  When it's picked at it's peak, it is as sweet and crisp as any hybrid.  The sweetness fades very quickly...
  • Straight Eight Cucumber - Bulk
    $7.50 Straight Eight Cucumber - Bulk
    63 day.  An old fashioned variety still popular in home gardens, Straight Eight is both early and prolific.  It produces long, straight cucumbers that are excellent for slicing.   Minimum of 250 seeds per...
  • Sweet Banana Pepper - Bulk
    $10.00 Sweet Banana Pepper - Bulk
    70 days.  Pickled banana peppers are a favorite on salads and sandwiches.  They get sweeter as they ripen, but let them go too long and they'll turn a brilliant red.  A fast pepper, good for cool climates...
  • Table Queen Acorn Squash - Bulk
    $10.00 Table Queen Acorn Squash - Bulk
    92 day.  Small, green acorn shaped squash.  The flesh is sweet and rich with a wonderful flavor.  One squash feeds one or two people, so it's a good choice if you have a small family.   Minimum of...
  • Tendersweet Carrot - Bulk
    $4.00 Tendersweet Carrot - Bulk
    75 day.  A very sweet orange carrot.  It grows 7 inches long with a fine grained texture and orange throughout, with a semi-blunt end.   Minimum of 1500 seeds per packet.
  • Thessaloniki Tomato - Bulk *
    $10.00 Thessaloniki Tomato - Bulk *
    78 day.  This is my favorite slicing tomato.  The flavor is really sweet, but still complex and rich.  Red, round, medium sized, and delicious.  If you can only grow one tomato, this is an excellent...
  • Top Crop Bush Bean - Bulk
    $8.00 Top Crop Bush Bean - Bulk
    50 day.  Smooth, straight, thin green pods that form high on the plant.  Top Crop bush bean is a good choice for fresh eating, freezing or canning.   Minimum of 500 seeds.
  • Utah Tall Celery - Bulk
    $5.50 Utah Tall Celery - Bulk
    110 day.  Fresh celery is so different from store bought.  It has an intense flavor and smell that is almost peppery.  Utah Tall is the standard for green celery.   Minimum of 1500 seeds...
  • Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion - Bulk
    $5.00 Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion - Bulk
    115 days.  A large, sweet yellow onion.  Loved for it's mild, sweet flavor, it is excellent raw.  It does well in Western states and similar climates.  It has fair storage characteristics. ...
  • Violet of Sicily Cauliflower - Bulk *
    $5.00 Violet of Sicily Cauliflower - Bulk *
    68 day.  A strikingly beautiful cauliflower.  It is bright purple when raw and green when cooked.  It has a more delicate texture than most cauliflower with looser florettes, and the head has a flatter shape...
  • Waltham Broccoli - Bulk
    $4.50 Waltham Broccoli - Bulk
    85-92 day.   A good choice for fall harvest, Waltham was developed around 1950 in Massachusetts.  It produces a nice, compact central head and lots of side shoots.   Minimum of 1000 seeds...
  • Waltham Butternut Squash - Bulk *
    $10.00 Waltham Butternut Squash - Bulk *
    85 day.  Butternut squash is one of the sweetest squashes.  Deep orange flesh with a small seed cavity at the bottom, it is an easy squash to use because most of the squash is solid flesh.  It is also a good...
  • Wando Pea - Bulk
    $10.00 Wando Pea - Bulk
    68 days.  An excellent spring pea, it germinates well in the cold and is the most heat tolerant of the shelling peas.  A great choice for those with short springs, who need to have a more heat tolerant pea...
  • White Sweet Spanish Onion - Bulk
    $5.00 White Sweet Spanish Onion - Bulk
    115 day. This is the standard commercial white onion. It produces large globe shaped onions with white skin, and a sweet and mild flavor with moderate storage properties.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet...
  • White Vienna Kohlrabi - Bulk
    $3.50 White Vienna Kohlrabi - Bulk
    50 day.  A very old cultivar, White Vienna is creamy white in color and tastes like a mild turnip.  It can be used grated raw in salads, cooked in stir fries, or roasted.  It is drought tolerant and a...