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Snap, Pole

Growing on long, climbing vines, pole beans are a great choice for those with space constraints.  Slower to production than than bush beans, pole beans produce less at a time over a longer period for those who want a long and consistent crop of beans.  And you can harvest them standing up!

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  • Bean Pole Trellis Topper
    $10.00 Bean Pole Trellis Topper
    These are really neat bean pole trellises designed for us by a machinist friend.  Get a piece of 1/2" electrical conduit, insert the topper into the conduit, drive the other side of the conduit into the ground, tie...
  • Cosse Violetta Pole Bean
    $3.00 Cosse Violetta Pole Bean
    80 day.  This is a wonderful pole snap bean.  It has beautiful purple flowers followed by round, deep purple pods.  The dark purple pods stand out beautifully against the green foliage.  But it's not just...
  • Guard-N Seed Inoculant
    $8.00 Guard-N Seed Inoculant
    Guard-N Seed Inoculant is used to naturally improve the yields of your legumes.  The inoculant helps the plants convert nitrogen in the air into a usable for for the plant, allowing the plants to create their own...
  • Kentucky Blue Pole Bean *
    $2.50 Kentucky Blue Pole Bean *
    60 days.  This was Grandma Annie's favorite pole bean.  My mother remembers two vegetables from her mother's garden, tomatoes and Kentucky Blue Lake beans.  It was developed from the Kentucky Wonder and Blue...
  • Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
    $2.50 Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
    58-68 day.   The old standard for pole snap beans.  When picked young, it is almost stringless and very tender.  Pole beans are known for having the old fashioned bean flavor that is lost in some of the...
  • Romano Pole Bean
    $2.50 Romano Pole Bean
    70 day.  An Italian heirloom pole bean, Romano beans are large and flat.  They can be used fresh as a snap bean or dried for soups and stews.   Minimum of 40 seeds per packet...