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Dry, Bush

Some of our most popular shelling beans are bush beans.  They grow low to the ground, and are easy and care-free.  Just plant them, water, weed, and let the beens mature and dry.

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  • Black Turtle Bush Bean *
    $3.00 Black Turtle Bush Bean *
    100 day.  The most common heirloom variety of small black shelling bean, Black Turtle is frequently just referred to as black beans.  It's popular in Mexican cuisine and has a deep, rich flavor.  It is an...
  • Cannellini Bean
    $3.50 Cannellini Bean
    100 days.  A wonderful Itailan shelling bean.  It has large, white, kidney shaped beans and is also known as "white kidney bean."   Minimum of 40 seeds per packet.
  • Dark Red Kidney Bush Bean
    $3.50 Dark Red Kidney Bush Bean
    95 day.  A beautiful deep red bush shelling bean.  It has a tougher skin than other beans, which makes it a great choice for soups, stews and chili if you want your beans to retain their original shape...
  • Garbanzo (Chickpea) Bean
    $3.50 Garbanzo (Chickpea) Bean
    65 day.  Garbanzo beans are a staple in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking.  They can be used as a shelling bean or a dry bean.  They are an excellent choice for climates with problems with drought, but they...
  • Great Northern Bush Bean
    $2.50 Great Northern Bush Bean
    90 days.  A bush white shelling bean, Great Northern is popular in American cooking.  It is slightly smaller than the cannellini bean with a slight grainy texture and a nutty flavor.   Minimum of 80 seeds...
  • Guard-N Seed Inoculant
    $8.00 Guard-N Seed Inoculant
    Guard-N Seed Inoculant is used to naturally improve the yields of your legumes.  The inoculant helps the plants convert nitrogen in the air into a usable for for the plant, allowing the plants to create their own...
  • Jacob's Cattle Bean
    $2.50 Jacob's Cattle Bean
    90 day.  Also known as the Anasazi bean, the Aztec bean, Cave bean or New Mexico appaloosa bean, it was originally cultivated by the Passamaquoddy Indians in Maine.  It's a standard for baked beans in the...
  • Pinto Bush Bean
    $2.50 Pinto Bush Bean
    90 days.   A wonderful bush shelling bean.  Traditionally used for refried beans, they cook up smooth and creamy with a great flavor.  They are semi-vining.   Minimum of 60 seeds per packet...