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Asian Vegetables

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check each product description.

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  • Tatsoi Bok Choy
    $2.00 Tatsoi Bok Choy
    20-50 days.  Tatsoi forms a rosette of deep green leaves.  Harvest it at 20 days for baby greens, or 50 for full sized greens.  Tatsoi it typically grown for salad greens.   Minimum of 200 seeds per...
  • White Stem Bok Choy
    $2.00 White Stem Bok Choy
    55 day.   Fast, easy and delicious.  This heirloom bok choy is a wonderful part of your spring or fall garden.  I love it stir fried with a light oyster sauce.   Minimum of 200 seeds...

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