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Only Heirloom Varieties - No Hybrids - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated


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  • Mini Bells Mix *
    $2.25 Mini Bells Mix *
    60 day.  Lots of tiny beautifully colored bell peppers grow on medium sized plants.  It produces peppers earlier than other pepper varieties, which makes it a good choice if you have a short growing season or just...
  • Misticanza Salad Mix
    $2.25 Misticanza Salad Mix
    Misticanza is the Italian version of the French Mesclun mix.  There are many different variations, with the most traditional belief that it should contain 24 different Italian greens, many of them wild and hand...
  • Northern American Homestead Garden
    $87.50 Northern American Homestead Garden
    Designed for the Northern gardener, this master garden includes all you need to grow your food.  Intended for fresh eating and preserving, this collection of mostly American seed varieties is sure to please. Each...
  • Northern Fall Garden Collection
    $17.00 Northern Fall Garden Collection
    There are so many wonderful vegetables that thrive in the cooler fall season.  Instead of lamenting the loss of our wonderful summer vegetables, look forward to the delicious bounty that is the fall garden.  This...
  • Northern Tomato Collection
    $6.50 Northern Tomato Collection
    With a shorter growing season, those of us in the north appreciate tomatoes that are fast to production - but we still desire great tomato flavor.  This collection is both early and flavorful.   10 seeds of each...
  • Old Time Heirloom Favorite Tomatoes Collection
    $5.50 Old Time Heirloom Favorite Tomatoes Collection
    We require a variety to have been in cultivation for at least 50 years before we consider it an heirloom.  The youngest of these tomatoes is 100 years old.  Grow these, and try a tomato that your...
  • Organic Lettuce Blend
    $3.50 Organic Lettuce Blend
    If you prefer all organic lettuces, this is the blend for you.   Included is a mixture of the following: Lollo Rossa Oak Leaf Paris Island Cos Red Amish Red Salad Bowl Rouge d'Hiver Salad...
  • Pole Shelling Bean Collection
    $11.50 Pole Shelling Bean Collection
    Can't decide which pole bean to grow?  Why not grow some of each?  Create a beautiful mixed bean soup mix, or just have a variety of beautiful bean in your pantry.  Collection includes a packet of each of the...
  • Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection
    $5.50 Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection
    For the bell pepper enthusiast, this collection has it all.  California Woner is the only pepper intended to be picked green, though any can be eaten green if you pick them before they turn color.  If you let them...
  • Rainbow Cherry Tomato Collection
    $6.50 Rainbow Cherry Tomato Collection
    There's nothing prettier than a bowl of brightly colored cherry tomatoes.  Grow this collection for a variety of shapes, sizes and colors!  Collection includes 10 seeds of each of the following varieties: Black...
  • Romaine Lettuce Blend
    $2.25 Romaine Lettuce Blend
    If you love romaine lettuce, this is the blend for you.   Included is a blend of the following: Forellenschluss Paris Island Cos Amish Deer Tongue Marvel of Four Seasons Rouge d'Hiver Verde Invierno Minimum...
  • Runner Bean Collection
    $7.75 Runner Bean Collection
    Could there be anything more beautiful than a tower of runner beans?  Why not grow some of each, creating an explosion of color from salmon pink to deep red?  Collection includes a packet of each of the following:...
  • Southern American Homestead Garden
    $81.50 Southern American Homestead Garden
    Designed for the Southern gardener, this collection includes a nice collection of mostly American vegetable varieties.  For those who want to grow most to all of their vegetables, this collection includes enough seeds...
  • Southern Fall Garden Collection
    $20.25 Southern Fall Garden Collection
    With a longer growing season and warmer winters, Southern gardeners have many more options for fall gardens than northern growers do.  This collection includes many old favorites, perfect for fall in the south...
  • Southern Tomato Collection
    $6.00 Southern Tomato Collection
    With hot, humid summers, people in the south are looking for tomatoes that thrive in heat and resist cracking.  Most of these varieties were developed for southern growers and all will perform well in heat and humidity...
  • Annie's Garlic Variety Pack - Oct Delivery
    $42.00 Annie's Garlic Variety Pack - Oct Delivery
    SOLD OUT FOR 2014 If you're not sure what kind of garlic to get, this is the collection for you!  This includes 1/4 pound of each of our six varieties of garlic.

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