Carrots Love Tomatoes

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Carrots Love Tomatoes by Loise Riotte is a book on companion planting.  Many of our favorite vegetable plants have friends and enemies in the garden, those they love to be by and those they want to stay away from.  Use this book to take advantage of this old age wisdom.  Help deter pests, take advantage of different nutrient needs, and aid in growth by understanding companion planting.

This book is packed with information.  It will take some work to sort through all the information to decide what will work best for you.  There is a sample garden in the back to help you get started. 

Also included is a list of poisonous plants.  Louise believes that only through knowledge and understanding can we use all the plants to their full benefit.  Knowing what is poisonous will help us avoid those dangerous plants that are commonly used as ornamentals in our garden.