Boothby's Blonde Cucumber - Organic


60 day.   My favorite cucumber, and my kids' favorite for pickles.  It is a slightly sweet cucumber that makes spectacular sweet pickles, but can also be used as a slicer.  It's also a joy to grow.  With perfect, straight, plump white cucumbers that are easily seen amongst the darker foliage, it's both pretty and delicious.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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easy to grow
Written by linda point on 10th Jan 2015

I loved the size not too big or little. Easy to grow. Good taste. Easy to peel. I choose these over other types for fresh eating.

great cuks
Written by Debbie on 15th Aug 2013

I have been looking for a good cuk for several years and this is one of the two favorites from annie's. I'll be ordering extra seed of this next year.

Wonderful cucumber for pickles
Written by Lora on 13th Dec 2012

This variety is a great producer of lovely small cucumbers which are uniform and great for pickling. My children love homemade pickles and these make the best tasting bread-and-butter pickles ever!

Great Taste Unusual Look
Written by Brian B on 28th Jul 2012

I highly recommend Annies Heirloom Boothby Blonde Cucumbers. The cukes often are mistaken for a summer squash (yellow squash at first glance). The color ranges from light yellow to brilliant gold. The taste is superior to any and every other cukes I have in my life. The pickles have a great green hue over the white fruit. The cucumber seems to be more moist than dry inside. Wonderful for cukes and tomatoes, a salad or even a cucumber sandwich. Highly recommended, will by from annies again. Great germination return/production.

Teenager raves about my pickles.
Written by Mary Pollard on 24th Sep 2011

This was the first time that I tried the Boothby's Blonde cucumbers. We planted the seeds in a 2' x 4' raised bed frame. We had a ton of pickles just from the 3 plants in that bed. So I made some refrigerator bread and butter pickles. After 3 weeks I opened up a jar to try. They were delicious! These were the best pickles that I had ever tasted. My teenage son came by (never raves much about anything) and decided to try a few. He said "these are absolutely the BEST pickles I have ever tasted". (Now THAT is a big compliment!!) When I have served them for guests, he chimes in again and raves about how good they are. These will always be my #1 favorite.