Blondkopfchen Tomato - Organic


75-80 day.  What a cutie.  These huge plants produce hundreds of tiny, half inch, round deep gold colored tomatoes that are bursting with intense sweetness.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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I can't get rid of them
Written by Ebony on 10th Feb 2016

I purchased these seeds several years ago. They grew very well is my raised garden box but here in Maryland, they set fruit late.... like I was still picking fruit in a winter coat (October). So in November there were unpicked tomatoes. In the spring and EACH SPRING SINCE, I get hundreds of new tomato plants. I give them away four or five at time. I don't do anything special to make them grow. they just like where they are. This is the only tomato that has ever re-seeded itself and I find them growing Everywhere. The kids love to eat them but hate picking them because they all turn yellow at the same time and there are soooooo many.

Delicious and profilic tomatoes
Written by Kenzie on 10th Jan 2015

These tomato plants are easy to grow. They get very large and produce tons of delicious little yellow tomatoes - the kids love them! They have a nice mild flavor and are great for snacks.

Give these ones a try!!!!
Written by Spring on 7th Sep 2012

WOW! Who knew something so small could carry so much flavor. This is a really nice big plant that was the first to start producing and is showing no signs of slowing down. The more you pick the more it produces. They are really small but you get a good sized handful from each plant every day.