Aunt Ruby's Green Tomato


85 day.  Larger green tomatoes ripening with a slight yellow tint.  Very mild, sweet and flavorful.  It's a really pleasant surprise, biting into one of these green beauties.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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A must-have for any garden
Written by WI gal on 30th Mar 2012

I tried this tomato last year and was shocked by the results. The plants themselves were the largest, healthiest, and sturdiest of my 30+ heirloom varieties grown. The tomatoes were very large and good quality. And the flavor....out of this world! Once I got past the notion of green tomatoes being unripe and flavorless, I could appreciate the wonderful fruity flavor, which IMO rivals any red tomato. Very rich and sweet. Makes for the best fresh-eating you could imagine, is right up there with Ananas Noire for my faves of all time. The yield was good too, and this plant was the last to show signs of fungal diseases. I gave each plant 12 square feet of raised compost, mineral enriched soil (like I do for all my maters), and never pruned except for a few bottom branches, and it utilized that whole space, providing bushels of tomatoes. I am in zone 4 and this was a mid-season tomato. Gotta try it!