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Artichokes & Cardoon

Grown for their delicious flowers or flavorful stalks, these wonderful warm climate perennials can with some care also be grown as annuals in the north.

Please see product descriptions for seed per packet quantities.

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  • Giant Roman Cardoon
    $2.50 Giant Roman Cardoon
    The famous 'Hunchback' strain of cardoon with broad, light stems.  Blanching the stems for two weeks prior to harvest ensures tender and deliciouis stalks.  Just wrap in newspaper or a floating row cover...
  • Green Globe Artichoke
    $2.50 Green Globe Artichoke
    88 day.  Green Globe produces nice, large, green globe shaped artichokes. Artichokes are perennials in zones 7 and above, but Green Globe can be grown as an annual in lower zones.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet...
  • Romanesco Artichoke
    $3.00 Romanesco Artichoke
    Unavailable for 2016.  85 day.  Italian heirloom variety that produces large bronze and purple artichokes.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Violetta Artichoke
    $3.00 Violetta Artichoke
    With beautiful, small, purple tinged artichokes, Violetta is more cold hardy than other varieties and is a good choice for anyone wanting to push the limits and grow an artichoke in a cooler climate. Minimum of 25 seeds per...