Ancho (Poblano) Pepper *


90 day.  I love poblano peppers.  It's a hot pepper, but very mild and full of pepper flavor.  It makes a wonderful stuffing pepper for chili rellenos, or a good base pepper for a mild Mexican salsa.  A little slower to mature than most hot peppers, but well worth the wait.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Written by Megan on 16th Jan 2015

I had a bumper crop with all of my peppers this year, I am not sure what I did just right. I grew these from seed indoors here in Michigan and then transplanted them out to the garden. I had peppers coming out my ears! I canned so much salsa verde this year between the output of these peppers and my tomatillos that I will be eating it until the middle of next summer. Great stuff.

Fantastic producer
Written by Doug French on 25th Aug 2013

I started these indoors about the first of April here in Nebraska, These pepper plants get fairly tall, ours are 4 feet high now. Be sure to put a cage around them. They are now producing everyday and each plant has at least 10 peppers in different stages of development. We have 6 plants and pick 4 to 8 peppers a day. Wonderful flavor, warm but not hot. Great for stuffing and also to add a little kick to other dishes. Would buy again, very satisfied.

Top Notch
Written by tom and Vania Jonas on 15th Aug 2013

An excellent pepper. Easy to grow and very tasty! Heavy feeder as most good peppers are. Fairly prolific in yield. Needs at least a 4 gallon pot for best results. For those blessed with warm soil, 12-18 inch spacing should do the trick. This pepper has done well in our Alaskan summer greenhouse environment. Highly recommended.